Broking companies have spent huge in the digitization and automation of manual processes including customer account opening in a bid to reduce 1) man-power cost and 2) customer on-boarding time. But mostly they either only achieve only one of the two objectives or end up spending huge on this.

QuicKYC has been designed so that Businesses achieve all their designated objectives without any efforts. QuicKYC is highly Automated Aadhaar Based eKYC Solution designed to achieves quickest possible customer account opening through Automations, Digitization and System Integrations. QuicKYC helps you acquire customers online in just 7 minutes and saves huge investment. Aadhaar based QuicKYC completely transforms and automates your account opening process with all the objectives being achieved. Also it is purely a custom designed engine so allows you to keep your flavor intact. It helps you minimize your efforts & cost of platform building so that you can focus on actual account opening and increase your business. QuicKYC minimizes customer’s efforts to open the Trading and Demat account and eliminates the back-end efforts of the KYC Team completely.


What’s Unique:

  • Aadhaar based KYC Fetch
  • 100% system driven validation
  • Easily configurable Engine as per business requirements
  • Complete automation of KYC
  • Elimination of manual process
  • Automated eSign verification
  • Enhances organization’s scalability in multifold.
  • Optimizes human resource utilization
  • Manage compliances diligently
  • Ease in Regulatory audits (SEBI, Depository & Exchange)

3 Step on-boarding for Direct Client

  1. Unique One Stop Digital KYC Platform to quickly open Trading and DEMAT Account
  2. Minimizes and streamlines today’s lengthy process
  3. Targets highest customer registration v/s acquisition ratio
  4. Categorization of Branches & APsProcess made simple for client by:
    1. Fetching data & documents from Regulatorily approved source
    2. Authenticating data through external APIs
    3. No or least possible manual data entry or documentation requirement
  5. Eliminates the requirement of OSV (Original Seen & Verified)
  6. Designed as per SEBI & PMLA Guidelines
  7. Minimizes non-compliance risk to near-zero
  8. Subsequent Commodity Segment Addition

What’s Unique: Assisted Account Opening

  • Smart-phone & Tablet based solution to complete account opening process in a jiffy.

  • 100% system driven validationEnables BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Provide Sales force a tool to acquire more customers and increase their productivity.

  • Optimize TAT to 7 minutes from currently taken 3-7 days.
  • Various data & document fetching alternatives to ground level sales force to seamlessly accomplish KYC Process

  • Smooth and easy functioning, designed to be used by any salesperson, Naïve or Techie.

  • Continuous engagement and application status update through real-time notifications