Journl is an Audit Tool designed for Trading Members that helps Stock Brokers te be compliant with SEBI norms of Periodic Audit of their Authorized Persons and Branches as per the given guidelines.

Now conduct hassle-free Audit all your Branches and Authorized Persons as defined by SEBI & Exchanges. This is created for you if you are operating with Branch Network & Authorized Persons.

Journl assists Stock Brokers to be compliant with SEBI norms and guidelines to carry-out Annual or Triennial inspection of all Authorized Persons and Branches. With growing business and growing network, risk of non-compliance by channel also increases. Journl helps monitor the risks and non-compliances. Digital Record-keeping increases efficiancies and eliminates physical paperwork. It also helps in managing periodic SEBI & Exchange inspections.


Mobile Application for Inspection

Equip On-field Inspection Team with easy to operate Mobile Application for conducting periodic Audit of Branch & AP Network scattered across geographical locations.

  • Paperless Inspection
  • Cost Reduction through BYOD
  • Easy Operatibility
  • Standardization of Process
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves quality of work

Admin User for System Management

System Administrator manages the entire Inspection processes. Admin configures the system according to the Organization's Business requirements.

  • User creation and management
  • Creation of Branches & Authorized Persons
  • Inspection Dashboard
  • Categorization of Branches & APs
  • Audit-log for user activities
  • Make payments & buy licenses